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Located in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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Transform Relationship Challenges into Fulfilling Connections

At Attune Counselling, we specialize in helping you turn relationship complexities into opportunities for deeper connection and understanding.

Family Relationships, Friendships, Intimate Partners, and more.
We help you navigate life’s intricate relationship challenges 
with compassion and expertise.

Every relationship is unique, shaped by the individuals involved and the circumstances they encounter. We celebrate this diversity, understanding that each relationship brings its own set of experiences and dynamics.


Ready to Transform Your Relationships?

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Our skill, expertise and decades of experience are here to support you through your challenges, no matter how complex

  • Strained Parental Relationship Support

  • Navigating Estrangement 

  • Intimate Partner Violence

  • Open Relationships and Polyamory

  • Sibling Rivalry and Tensions

  • Interfaith or Intercultural Relationships

  • Co-Parenting Challenges

  • Blended Family Dynamics

  • Life Transitions and Relationship Adjustments

  • Relationship Burnout and Fatigue

  • Workplace Conflicts and Professional Boundaries

  • Caretaking for Elderly Family Members

  • 2SLGBTQ+ Relationship Challenges

  • Friendship Breakdowns and Reconciliation

  • Long-Distance Relationship Struggles

  • Divorce and Separation Counselling

  • Trust, Betrayal and Infidelity Recovery

  • Mental Health Effects on Relationships

  • Financial Stress and Relationship Strain

  • Relationship Values Clarification

At Attune Counselling Therapy, our mission is to help people uncover, explore, and enjoy greater peace, self-empowerment, and well-being. 

We make getting started as easy as possible - it all starts with booking a co-charge telephone consult

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Step 1

Start by booking a phone consultation with us. It's quick, easy, and the first step towards helping us understand your needs and how we can meet them.

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Step 2

During our chat, we'll explore whether our approaches align with what is bringing you into counselling therapy. We'll help you decide if individual or multi-person counselling is best.

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Step 3

Book your first appointment and begin experiencing benefits from day one. Our goal is to make sure you feel supported and see positive changes from the outset.

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My partner isn’t willing to go to couples therapy. Will it still work if I come?

Absolutely. Individual therapy can still be beneficial even if your partner isn't ready to join. Working on your personal growth, ways of communicating your needs, and exploring challenges can help you have new tools to build a healthier relationship. When your partner is ready, they can join as well.

Will the councillor take sides or blame one of us?

No, our counsellors will not take sides or place blame. Our non-judgemental approach sees issues as the problem in the relationship, rather than one or both partners. Our role is to facilitate understanding and communication. We help both partners explore and talk about their needs, feelings, and thoughts. Our goal is to create a supportive environment for resolving conflicts and strengthening your relationship. We’re creative, compassionate listeners, and use a supportive approach to our work together.

What if I’m uncomfortable sharing family issues with a stranger?

At Attune Counselling, our experience and training help to create a safe, confidential space where you can share at a pace that is comfortable for you. Over time, many people find discussing family issues with an objective and neutral professional can lead to valuable insights and solutions. We’re here to take it at a pace that suits you best. 

How can family, friend, or work relationship counselling benefit me if the other people involved are not willing to participate?

Even if others aren't willing to participate, individual counselling can still offer significant benefits. Many aspects of how we navigate relationships stem from our internal reactions and coping mechanisms. Therapy can help you gain clarity, develop healthier communication skills when facing complex situations. Together we’ll focus on strategies to manage and improve these relationships. 

Begin Your Journey Towards a Stronger, More Empowered Relationship

Ready to take the first step? Let us help you towards a life where relationship challenges no longer define your story.

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